Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting started

This is Alicia's Learning Journal. Though I've had a blog for years, I had trouble setting up this one and am feeling typically incompetent. I don't get why Google now always defaults to my umuc account and then tells me it's not supported.

I think I need to remember to access this blog through Firefox, not Chrome. I don't know why this is always difficult for me!  I hope "learning" is a lot easier.

In Module 1, we're going to overview the three fundamental theories which have influenced education. I think of these as the "20th Century" theories, as even the most recent (constructivism) seem to be before the Web got into everyone's lives. or maybe to go with the "Web" metaphor, I should say before we all got entrapped in the Web?

Anyway, those theories don't seem quaint as I start reading them in Harasim. They seem still quite useful, and especially so when applied to online learning.


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