Thursday, June 20, 2013

Possible source for assignment 2?

Hsu, J. (2004). Reading without teachers: Literature circles in an EFL classroom. [Paper presented at the Cross-Strait Conference on English Education.] Retrieved from
This presentation explores the idea of "literature circles" to help students (especially English learners) understand a book or story. A "circle" will be a group of four students, each of whom take on a role where they read the text with a focus on that aspect of reading. For example, Hsu suggests these "required" roles: discussion director, literary luminary, connector, and illustrator. This exercise, which can be adapted easily to an online classroom, helps students who are not adept readers make use of the power of the collective to understand a text. But having an essential role in the group reading will allow the student to learn a new way of analyzing through a narrow focus. Hsu, an English professor in Taiwan, is discussing ESL students, but the approach could also prove useful for native speakers who are not fluent readers.

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